About us
Megan wilson richmnond va

Creative Director, Megan Wilson

Megan has 10+ years of experience in marketing, which includes social media, newsletter campaigns, donor and customer communications, public relations, influencer management, web development and more. During that time, she has been an award-winning reporter and an influencer with a large online following. These last two factors help her strategize and create with impact. She can quickly develop an effective route to a customer’s heart and mind and turn them into loyal advocates and customers.

Megan’s favorite food: Chicken wings. I’m on the search for the best in the world.

jasmina zulic norfolk va

Content Strategist, Jasmina Zulic

Jasmina has established and grown her online retail company Mod & Soul through precise and focused content strategy and creation. She is a well known expert when it comes to social media growth, influencer relations and fashion retail. She brings her expertise and creativity to our clients in a variety of ways. She can help brands build their online shops and launch social profiles so they are poised for success. You can find her behind the camera, digging into SEO, and engaging with customers.  She thinks ahead and thinks big.

Jasmina’s favorite food: Everything, but hold the onions please. 

Sandrine wilson

Project Manager, Sandrine Wilson

Sandrine has years of experience in project management grounded in the healthcare field. She’s detail oriented, creative, energetic and professional. She keeps the team, our partners, and projects in line, on deadline, and ready for anything. To Sandrine, every influencer, every photographer, and every product is personal. She understands that our success is your success.

Sandrine’s favorite food: Paella, especially if it’s made in Las Fuentes, Spain.