marketing when business is slow

It’s anticipated that the impact of the coronavirus on our economy and society will last through April. We understand this is going to impact businesses financially in likely some very painful ways. With this pause that has been offered to us, there is a silver lining. 

In the midst of what may have been a very busy season, you may actually be able to stand still at the end of your third-quarter and prepare successfully for a great start to the second quarter. Here are a few things you can work on now:

Audit Your Website

Update all data, edit out errors and add new photos and graphics you may have available. Scrub your site for opportunities to improve search engine optimization. I really like this beginners guide to SEO from Flying Solo.

Work with your web developers to made new additions and adjustments so your site is more user friendly, clean, and mission-focused. Work now so you have to work less later. Think ahead to what’s coming for the rest of the year. Do you have all the functionality you need to get the job done?


Create New Content

Download Canva and start making new info graphics and quote boxes. Recruit available staff members to help you set up small photo shoots. Fuel your tanks with now to save you time later. 

Get creative! The Shedd Museum closed and let the penguins run around to the other exhibits and Fiona the Hippo is streaming live online. They have dozens of headlines now and, undoubtedly, new followers.  Read more. 

Reevaluate your marketing plan

If you have one already created, you’re ahead of the game. A lot happens during the first quarter of the year. Tis new hit to the economy may have also transformed the way you think about your business. It may be time to look at your marking plan and analytically. You may see opportunities for growth and precision. Use this time wisely now to plan for effective use of your time later. 

Things to consider when updating your marketing plan:

  • Do you have the right visual content for upcoming campaigns and product releases?
  • Do you have a clear plan to integrate each campaign: print, social, web, news media?
  • Do you have list of influencers who can help you reach your ideal target audience?
  • Which media outlets would you like to be placed in?

Offer Discounts and New Services 

Now is the time to get back to basics with your business. How can you encourage current customers to engage and purchase right now? Don’t lose them during the sensitive time. Offer discount codes and free shipping. Offer a 15% donation to a charity of your choice when someone purchases a product or experience. Offer Instagram live classes and information sessions. 

Ask Questions 

People are going to be spending a lot of time on social media the next few weeks. Ask questions, send surveys, share tips, share positive thoughts, share helpful tools. Whatever it takes to build a sense of community among your followers, do it.  They need you right now. They’ll need you later, too. Right now is an excellent time to fine the way you communicate and leverage your social media accounts and even your email campaigns. 

We’re here to help!

during this challenging time well it is painful and frustrating, opportunities lie in this moment. We’re here to help. We shared a social post last week offering free COVID-19 copywriting and consulting sessions to new customers. That offer still stands.