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Seven reasons we say yes…

So, you’re a small business. Maybe you’re a solopreneur. Or, your business may have launched on your personal social profile. Mine did. Is it time to switch your account to a business profile? If you want to grow your customer base, then the answer is yes!

Switching to an Instagram Business Profile can increase your social media growth in countless ways. It starts with gaining access to an arsenal of advanced features. Here’s a rundown of the best features you’ll gain when you transition to a Business Profile Account on Instagram:

#1 Instagram Insights

You can learn how many users are actually seeing your profile and who these users are. The “Insights” feature breaks down your account performance by keeping track of new followers, profile views, impressions, number of posts, reach, website clicks, and emails clicks. The detailed demographics data also informs you about your followers’ age, location, gender, and activity. Imagine all the ways you can use this information when planning content and business strategies! 

#2 Instagram Ads

Now you can set up, run, and track advertising campaigns. This means you can invest a few dollars here and there to promote your own posts as ads. This will get Instagram to pay attention to your page in the long run. It can help you trick the algorithm. resulting in a greater media outreach. Here’s a good blog post from Later about creating great social ads. 


#3 Contact Button

Assume people are lazy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have all their questions answered with a push of a button?  With that being said, don’t make them fish for your email or website. You may lose them along the way. Make it easy for them to act. You can highlight any additional information as part of your Instagram bio like your phone number, email, web links, location, and industry. Here’s a recent article with tips to craft the perfect Instagram profile. 

#4 Shopping and Checkout

Business accounts have the ability to directly share links to their product pages, making it super easy for viewers to be engaged, scroll through and click “Buy.”

#5 Quick Replies

Sometimes we business owners can be lazy, too. You can easily reply to frequently asked questions with the business profile. Answer users in full by simply typing a single shortcut word.

#6 Branded Content Approval

As a Business Account, you no longer have to worry about being tagged as a partner in the posts of another brand’s content. Instagram Business Profiles help in monitoring who can tag you by preventing other Instagram users from fasley labeling you as their brand endorser. Learn more about branded content and why it’s a thing. 

#7 Schedule and Auto Publish Instagram Posts

The Business Profile allows you to sync up with other neat apps like Later and Planoly, which are some of our favorites, for scheduling and planning content. This helps take the stress out of daily posting if you’re managing the account yourself. You can schedule and automatically publish posts when you want. New content for your followers is a must!

Should you switch to a business instagram?

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