by  Maura Mazurowski  

Every blogger does things a little differently. But the one rule they can all agree on is that consistency is key when running a successful blog. In fact, blogging is one of the few fields where “quality” and “quantity” hold equal weight. You of course want to write high-grade content that your readers will value. At the same time, you’re unlikely to build up a wide (and consistent) audience if you don’t write new blog posts on a regular basis. 

For some people, blogging on a consistent basis means writing daily, while others it means making a new post once a week. Whatever “consistent” means to you, it’s important to establish a posting schedule that your readers can rely on. 

A dedicated blogger is much more likely to find success than writers who post every so often. So decide on a realistic posting schedule you know you can hit consistently and go forward from there! 

Reason #1: Loyalty is fleeting

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of bookmarking a blog or following an account on Instagram just to hit “unfollow” the next day. In an era where content is limitless, it’s easy to be interested by someone’s writing one day and completely forget about it the next. 

That’s where consistent blogging comes into play. You will not find a consistent blogger out there who goes MIA for months at a time. And do you know why? Because they know that radio silence put the loyalty they’ve built up with their audience at risk. Long absences means losing followers — which is much less likely to happen to consistent bloggers. 

Reason #2: It shows that you care 

Audiences care about more than the information in your posts. They want to know that the person writing them cares about this content just as much as they do. Posting regularly shows that you are authentic; that you are passionate about the topic you write about and that you hope your followers are, too. 

Authenticity on social media continues to be more and more important. It makes you, the blogger, seem more approachable, and in turn builds trust between you and your audience. Trust leads to building a community. And the best way to keep a community strong is through constant care and communication. 

Reason #3: Googles likes to keep it fresh 

Google is all about fresh content. They like to see visitors take time exploring a page, rather than click on a link and immediately leave. And readers are more likely to spend some time on your blog if you regularly have new content to share. This is true for both new and long-time readers of your blog! Newcomers will want a wide-array of content to scroll through, while loyal followers are likely to stay focused on your blog longer if they know they won’t be reading the same thing twice. 

Here’s a tip: Place links to other content on your blog within your posts. This will both help your readers explore your site seamlessly and keep viewers on your page for longer periods of time. 
So, how much consistency are you putting into your blog? If you need more tips and tricks on how to be consistent — or if you want to launch a blog of your own but don’t know where to start — we’re here to help. Email for help on all things marketing.