About us
Megan Wilson Creative Director Richmond Va

Creative Director, Megan Wilson


Megan has 10+ years of experience in marketing, which includes social media, email campaigns, donor and customer communications, public relations, influencer management, web development and more. During that time, she has earned awards as a writer and grown a large audience  as an influencer. These last two factors help her strategize and create with impact. She can quickly develop an effective route to a customer’s heart and mind and turn them into loyal advocates and customers.


Megan’s favorite food: Chicken wings. I’m on the search for the best in the world.

Maddy Todd Public Relations Richmond Va

Maddy Todd, Public Relations Associate


Maddy came to the Sweet Talk Strategy team as an intern in summer 2021. Today, she’s our our Public Relations Associate. She’s been paving the way in the ever-changing world of influencer marketing, public relations, and creative content creation for two years with Sweet Talk Strategy. She’s organized, creative, and in tune with what’s new and next on the minds of consumers and followers. She’s behind the scenes on many of our major events and complex initiatives keeping a close eye on details big and small. 


Maddie’s Favorite Food:  Shrimp Pad Thai always hit the spot.