12-month content calendar

We’re all about doing more with less. When it comes to fueling your newsletters, blogs, social channels, fundraising pitches, event scripts, and more, a content calendar can help. Calendars are beneficial when planning out time to be productive and prepared for events and also helps you fill in gaps in those “quiet” times. When it comes to digital content, having a content calendar is especially helpful for keeping you and your team organized and productive. The more content you plan for ahead of time, the fewer surprises and stressful moments you have along the way. You can also create higher-quality content when you have the forethought to think strategically and gather the right resources – photos, videos, client testimonials, etc.

Our content calendar includes a list of themed days like Women’s History Month. The idea is to use these themes to generate on-trend and timely content. For example, you can plan to spotlight women on your staff on social media all month long. Knowing ahead of time will help you schedule those interviews and appointments for content. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you can be prepared to create a reel on how to DIY Valentine’s Day gifts or create a list of your go-to spots for a romantic dinner. More people will engage when you post timely pieces like this.

Download it here.